Saturday, May 31, 2008

We Ran A 5K!

Today was the big 5K. It was awesome! Over 600 girls participated from across our county. This event reminds me every year why we chose to live in West Michigan. We have a beautiful city, with people who really care about our overall well-being and the future of our children. I have never lived in such a family-friendly place, and am proud of the effort that every person in this city puts forth to keep it so family-oriented.
If you have never heard of this awesome program, please check it out! I can't even tell you how happy my girls were when they finished this race! A couple of years ago, the program founder, Molly Barker, came to speak at our annual event. She is awesome and very inspiring!
Sorry...I had to brag on my town. I love this place and the beauty that I am surrounded with living here. The people are great, too!

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