Sunday, June 29, 2008

Damask Stencil Cake Supplies

As I have been wondering where do all of these cake designers get the amazing stencils and script letters for use on cakes. I knew they were not doing these intricate stencils freehand. Ahhh, Designer Cake Stencils to the rescue! They have the stencil as featured on Martha's cake above. In addition, they have cookie stencils, really cool stencils for cake tops and full size cake stencils. I had seen their site a few months ago when I first saw the above cake, but they did not have the stencil set for sale yet. This cake has to be time consuming, but sooo worth the effort.

In unrelated news, I have been a bad blogger. The woes of mommyhood. I now find myself working full time in an uninspiring position whilst my kiddies spend their summer with an amazing nanny. And just recently the job of a lifetime came across my lap. No, not cake related. But one that would give my undergrad degree meaning, one mile from my home, and extremely prestigious and allow me to pay for my children's college. Will I get it? Who knows. It may dash my cake dreams in the short term, but may also fuel a kitchen addition. Hence, the lack of posting. No worries, though. Cake does not leave this swell kitchen. Oh no, it will carry on. If not with me, the next generation. I can't wait to post what my two twinnies have recently made.

Onward with the week-have a great one!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

(photo source)

So I was browsing my favorite blog of late....and could not resist sharing this dress with you! What is up with the Australian scene? I can't get over how much I love everything they are doing these days! Not just cakes....check out Wedding Style Guide's post about Rose & Ruby. Their clothing designs are total Breakfast At Tiffany's meets modern extravagance. Give their website a browse...their Winter 08 (remember we are talking Australia here) collection was/is superb. Visions of cake designs with draped and marbled fondant danced in my head....oh, sorry, cake on the brain-always!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Swell Recipe: Chocolate Buttaahcream

I am sharing my chocolate buttercream recipe with you. Honestly, I think I got it from Martha, but it has been so long that I cannot be sure. This buttercream is the perfect blend of sweet, chocolatey and salty all at once. You can use unsalted butter, but I (and the family) really love the salty side of this icing when I use the salted butter. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Well, it really works and you will know what I mean when you try this. I am sure Martha would have you use an unsalted butter and then add in the salt later. It is up to you, but if you try it my way, I don't think you will be disappointed. For some reason I wrote on the recipe that you can halve the recipe for a regular cake. Better not do that, as you may have too thin of a layer of icing. I made a half recipe for these cupcakes and it was not enough when I did the big swirls on top.
My husband wrote his love note on the recipe one night when I was up late baking. He enjoys that I love baking-and the end results! I really need to go through all of my abused recipes and get organized. This one is starting to worry me. At least I have it here if I lose my post-it. As far as mixing up the icing, just beat the butter for a minute then add in the vanilla. I also tend to add extra vanilla. Add in the powdered sugar and cocoa slowly. Sooo delish!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

These cookies were for fun. I thought my kids would appreciate their initials on some cookies. The colors turned out better than I thought they would. I love the royal icing recipe that I found on Cake Central. It has a lemony flavor from meringue powder that is super tasty!

I have seen these cookies on Martha forever, but was not too excited about trying a cookie with hard icing. These are fast becoming my favorite cookie though, mostly because they do not become a gooey mess in the hot and humid weather we are having here in West Michigan.

School is out and my kids are celebrating with parties and picnics and last soccer games. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lemon Cordial Make a simple sugar syrup by bringing equal quantities of water and white sugar to a gentle simmer until all sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool. Mix 750ml of sugar syrup with 250ml of fresh lemon juice and pour into clean, dry bottles and seal. When ready to serve, fill each chilled glass with 1/3 cordial and 2/3 mineral water, together with plenty of ice and a hint of fresh mint.

(recipe and image source)
Jane from Wedding Style Guide sent me a copy of their super luxe magazine a couple of weeks ago. It arrived in a beautifully wrapped package, just waiting for me to delve into Aussie style. I cannot get over the amazing work that Australians are doing related to weddings. What I really love most about their magazine though, besides the amazing photography and classic style, was the size. Wedding Style Guide is perfect to carry in your purse, and is just large enough to give great seasonal wedding ideas while not overburdening the consumer with advertisements.

While I am on the subject of this gorgeous magazine from Down Under, I will tell you I have recently found many amazing cake designers from Australia. I have known about Planet Cake for a long time. They have great videos on YouTube, for the beginning cake designer.

BabyCakes is another great Australian vendor. These three sisters don't just provide cake services. They also do event styling and stationary. A one stop event shop! Also check out Polka Dot Cookies & Cakes. I love their retro website!

Thanks again, Jane! I only wish Wedding Style Guide would publish here in the States!