Monday, March 31, 2008

Macaroon Madness On The Run

Photo From Serious Eats

My lastest interest is little desserts. Naturally the French macaroon came to mind, with them being such a worldwide craze right now. I am not over the cupcake craze, but am very interested in learning the exquisite intricacies of The Macaron (notice French spelling). Way too many bloggers have posts on them to list here. For fun's sake though I will list some of my favorites: Mad Baker, Chubby Hubby, Cake On The Brain and etc.

Why do I love The Macaroon, you ask? What is not to love? A petite cookie that makes you feel like a french lady in her designer clothes sitting by the Seine? The cookie itself is Beautiful and the thought that comes to mind just looking at their gorgeousness brings me back....back to a time when I was young(er), but that is too much story for today.

One of our activities right now is Girl's On The Run. Apparently my oldest daughters cannot run enough. Besides playing soccer they are also running on their days off. They are identical twins and I do wonder if they do it because deep down they just can't stand not to be competitive all of the time. This year they also wanted me to coach for them so one day a week I am right there with them. Unfortunately my running passion left me when I was up eight times a night with two baby girls. It never came back after eleven years. Thanks to my blogger friends I have discovered the Couch To 5K program and I am on my way to completing that 5K with my daughters. Due to our chaotic schedule I am forced to adjust it on my own, but it is very realistic for getting up to the 5K mark.

With all the running there is virtually no baking going on. I finally used up all of the cream from my previous whoopie lasts a long time refrigerated! Yes I still need to post pics and just when I found time and energy to get online my camera battery was dead. Funny, making a short stop into Walgreen's for a battery is low on priority when I have to tow in my four year old son to get it.

I have found a great website to share with you though. Vanilla Bake Shop has a beautiful web site and Hollywood-worthy cakes and cupcakes. Amy Berman left her day job on Will & Grace (yes, the show) and went to pastry school. But she says she is finally happy...even after being so successful in La La land. How inspiring!

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cakebrain said...

Hi SC,
I love your blog! it's so pretty! I'm with you on all things tiny...and the macaron is no exception! thanks for linking to my blog!