Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ode to Olivia

These are some pics from my daughter's recent birthday party. The cake at the top is not my original version. My ten year old twins and their friend decided to jazz it up a bit. The bottom cake is my cake, although (can you believe it) my ten year old daughter did those two roses. The birthday girl originally wanted a Bratz birthday party, and I had an edible image of Bratz to put on the cake, but she and her brother could not keep from touching it and it broke apart. We decided to make the party a "pink princess, pinkalish (her words)" party because she is a pink princess. She wants everything in her life to be pink. She wants a pink house when she grows up and a pink car. It is so funny because my older daughters have always hated pink. So she is very enjoyable, diva girlieness and all.

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