Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cool Mom Stuff

Yes, more cool stuff. This time it is more of a mom thing, but it goes right along with parties. These are homemade birthday party hats for kids. I found them at Cool Mom Picks. There are lots of homemade goodies on the Cool Mom Picks site. The hats were picked from Notes, Inc., which is a cool site to check out too!

Any day now I should have my daughter's sixth birthday party photos. Her birthday got mixed up because apparently some of the girls didn't open their invitations that were put in their backpacks. It was also lousy weather, which I have to feel for my daughter since I have a birthday coming up and always had pretty bad weather for anything super fun on my birthday.

I am still baking way too much for my family of six to devour, so will have posts coming on that too. Isn't that all there is to do when school is cancelled practically every day (school administrators please hear my cry!). Even my cake decorating class was cancelled for the second week in a row. At least my instructor is willing to let us come in when we can to learn. It seems almost easier to teach myself everything at this point. So far, I haven't learned too much. I guess it is worth the few tricks and tips I get though. Any comments on self teaching?

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