Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amazing Wedding Cakes Show

Where have I been? Well, apparently not watching television. I have heard for a few weeks now about the Amazing Wedding Cakes Show. How could I not want to watch this? We, however, did not get the We(T.V., that is). Rumor had it my not-too-far-away cake designer favorites, The Cakegirls, were on the show (please check out their fabulously updated site). That was enough to get me an upgrade. I now have 250 channels so that I can watch one hour of television per week. Really, I have four kids and work full time outside the home. I don't watch t.v.

Why are the Cakegirls my favorite? When searching for modern cake inspiration over two years ago, I looked for cake and Chicago and their site appeared. I told my daughters, "these girls should be on Food Network". Well, now they have been there, done that. Another swell reason I love the Cakegirls? Michiganders. Detroit-area Michiganders. They look like family, or some friends I would see at the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Detroit. I hope the show gives me some hints....we will see! I am off to watch!

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