Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Into The Oven!

My sentiments exactly! I think I can eat cake daily, although, I do not! I could manage a cupcake a day, but if I make them, they are pretty much gone within a day. My husband is getting annoyed having so much cake around. Annoyed almost as much as when I had to have Dairy Queen blizzards every night during the loooong nine months of pregnancy with the twins. I think he gained fifteen pounds that pregnancy and it never really left him. Sorry Honey!!! I will begin giving these cakes away soon!

On to my original thoughts with this post. The picture above is just a portion of the logo from the website, Into The Oven. Not only do I love the simplicity of the site, their product lines are the ones I am looking for. They also have excellent shipping rates and ship very fast for those of us who delay. Xia, your baking mistress at Into The Oven, brings a nice variety of newer unknown products while keeping the mainstays in stock. You can find everything from great looking cupcake liners to fishing lure chocolate molds. Xia also stocks India Tree's vegetable colored sugar crystals for anyone who wants to keep their cake as natural as possible. So much variety, it is hard to choose where to begin.

P.S. She also has a super cute logo!

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That's great! Cake a day!